With a variety of dining furniture available in the market across a wide spectrum of colors, shapes, sizes and prices, buying the perfect dining table can often be a daunting task. We list out a few factors you could consider before selecting your ideal dining table.



The size of your dining table largely depends upon the size of your dining area and the number of people it needs to accommodate. Make sure you measure, plan and visualize the amount of space you can allow the table to occupy before making a purchase. In a small room, it would be wise to select a table that occupies not more than 40-70% of your vacant floor space.     


While in most cases the retailer or manufacturer will specify a seating limit for the table, in some cases this may be customized as per your requirement. Always remember, the seating capacity of your table must be selected in a way that ensures that people aren’t crammed together. The trick would be to simply make sure there is a minimum of 2 feet distance between two adjacent chairs.

One of the best interior decoration practices is to always pick chairs that are significantly smaller when compared to the table. It enhances the size and appeal of your table and makes it easier to push chairs inside when unused.



One of the key indicators that can be used while selecting the shape of your table, is the shape and size of your room. If your dining area is small and already occupied with other furniture, a round table would be what goes best. To make the room seem more spacious, you may even pick transparent chairs if they go well with your table.   

However, round tables should always be picked in small to medium sizes alone. Large round tables may make reaching for food difficult even for a few number of people. Still if you end up with a large round table, make sure you include a lazy susan at the centre.

On the other hand, if your room is long and narrow-ish, it always recommended to pick a rectangular table. It gives more room for people to walk around and tends to seat a larger crowd.


For those of you who have a square shaped room, it is ideal to pick a square shaped table. This keeps all your guests at equal distance and also makes dining more intimate. As in the case of round tables, square tables also become uncomfortable if picked in a large size. So if you are looking to accommodate more guests, make sure you take an extendable square table that becomes rectangular when expanded.



Always place your table at a fair distance from the nearest wall. Also take into consideration, the other pieces of furniture you may have in the dining area. The thumb rule is to keep your dining table at a minimum distance of 45 inches from the nearest wall or furniture.